Talent is Universal.  Opportunity is NOT ** image

Talent is Universal. Opportunity is NOT **

PRSA Foundation Supports the Aspirations of the Next Generation of Multicultural PR Leaders

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Supporting the Next Generation of Multicultural PR Practitioners

Donate NOW to Empower the Next Generation of Diverse Talent in Public Relations

The PRSA Foundation stands at the center of an industry poised for change. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the singular mission of increasing diversity and inclusion in the Public Relations industry. We help educate and empower rising diverse talent with the potential to become the next generation of leaders in a rapidly changing business landscape. Your donation will help us to fund scholarships for promising students and provide internships that put talented young people on the road to success.

Donations will also assist in sponsoring important research that sheds light on the experiences and perspectives of people of color in Public Relations and the barriers that prevent them from rising as far and as fast as they otherwise could. Donate NOW to insure that the future the Public Relations profession reflects the rapidly changing demographics we serve.

** Nicholas Kristof